I-Cura Life ™ is a Business opportunity program owned by I-Cura (PTY) LTD to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to gain income while signing up subscribers and distributors to I-Cura products.

What does better quality of life mean for you?

  • Being healthy and energetic,
  • Personal growth and development,
  • Your own business from home,
  • Financial independence,
  • Incentives and exotic trips,
  • Extra income,
  • Flexible income,
  • More family time,
  • Helping others,
  • Meeting new people.

If the answer to the above is yes to you then I-Cura Life business opportunity program is for you!

Join the I-Cura business opportunity either as a master distributor or network marketer, as indicated below

* I-Cura Life Master Distributor* I-Cura Life Network Marketer
* Subscription of R 150 per month through debit order* Subscribe as a satellite distributor for R 100 per month
* Buy I-Cura Products at wholesale prices in bulk (refer below for wholesale/ discounted prices)* Receive full training guide to enable you to do presentation and maximise your sales
* Earn up to R 70 retail profit per product sold in the market* Earn: commission / referral income of up to R 35,000 per month as additional income for growing your network.
* Receive full training guide to enable you to do presentation and maximise your sales
* If you can sell up to 500 products that is R 35,000 !!!!! Extra income in your pocket!
To join as a Master Distributor click here To join as a Network Marketer click here

• Whenever you need help, or are uncertain about anything, contact the I-Cura Network member or master distributor who introduced you immediately. He/she cares and wants you to be successful.
• Remember – when in doubt ASK!

All I-Cura members can direct any queries directly to the Call Centre during office hours on 012-035-1046 (08:00 to 16:30 Monday to Thursday and 16:00 (Fridays)

# WEBSITE www.icura.co.za


• Make use of these presentations and the experts will help you to introduce new people into your business.
• These presenters are there to present the I-Cura business opportunity and help I-Cura Network members in the area to create awareness  

• I-Cura world newsletter that shares information about I-Cura world published quarterly.                  

I-Cura life Master Distributor

Become a Master Distributor in your area and earn additional income streams.

The Master Distributor Model establishes a wide footprint and support structure for the I-Cura Network members.

How does it work?

  • You purchase I-Cura Products at wholesale discounted prices. I-Cura Life subscribers in this territory are allocated to collect their products from the Master Distributor .
  • The Master Distributor earns a margin on each I-Cura product supplied.
  • In addition, the Master Distributor also supply I-Cura stock to the I-Cura Network members in the territory and make a profit margin on each product supplied.
  • The Master Distributor offers support to the I-Cura subscribers and members in the area with regards to Business Opportunity Meetings, training, queries etc.

The table below illustrates the retail profit that can be made from three (3) I-Cura Products:

I-Cura LIFER 180R 250R 70
I-Cura CREAMR 100R 120R 20
I-Cura PURITOXR 90R 150R 60

Only three products are shown in the table above however there are more products in the I-Cura Network.

How do I become a master distributor?

Step 1: Make the decision to work hard for an extra income
Step 2: complete an application form to sign up
Step 3: Subscribe to the monthly debit order for R 150 per month
Step 4: Enjoy buying at wholesale prices and earning retail profit

*Master distributor should buy a minimum of one box (12 I-Cura life products) to qualify for the whole sale prices

* Approval of Master distributors are done per Geographical area taking into account that master distributors should not be in competition with each other

I-Cura life Network marketing

I-Cura Life Network marketing is a business opportunity that uses legal network marketing that effectively uses a network of independent contractors to promote consumer products. Network marketing is a “work smart” business. Successful network marketers understand the concept of duplicating their effort through others rather than trying to introduce vast numbers of customers or members on their own.

The process begins with a monthly subscription of R100 per month through a debit order, this will allow the subscriber to earn referral income / commissions based on the network marketing concept indicated below.

By joining and subscribing to the monthly subscription fee you become an Independent Marketing Agent (IMA) that is allocated a unique number to allocate all your downline under the number.

This unique network marketing concepts allows people that introduce subscribers to I-Cura monthly debit orders and distribution of I-Cura products to earn referral fees (Commissions) as indicated below!

With Network Marketing growth is inevitable!

Level % Commission Commission Amount per level for I-Cura Life combo (Life + Puritox @ R 275) product purchases Members per level Total Commissions   (I-Cura Life combo subscriptions)
L12,0%R 5,50 5 R 27.50
L24,0%R 11,0025R 275.00
L32,0%R 5,50125R 687.50
L42,5%R 6,88625R 4,300.00
L53,5%R 9,633125R 30,093.75
Total14,0%R 38,513,905R 35,383.75

Note: All amounts are based on a R 275 minimum monthly subscription per person participating as an I-Cura Life combo subscriber. Although the calculation used in the above example is correct, the structure of your network may differ from the above example. Therefore your earnings may differ. Amounts mentioned apply, provided the monthly subscriptions have been paid.

How do I become a Network Marketer?

Step 1: Make the decision to work hard for an extra income
Step 2: complete an application form to sign up
Step 3: Subscribe to the monthly debit order for R 100 per month
Step 5: Train and support those under you to bring in more subscribers under you
Step 4: Build your network by introducing people under you

How does the I-Cura Life business opportunity work?

The I-Cura Life business opportunity, takes you from health to wealth in few easy steps:

Step 1: Use the product

Start using the I-Cura products, in other words be “YOUR OWN CUSTOMER”. By using the I-Cura products, you will be saving in excess of 30% as well as experience real results when it comes to better health and quality of life.

  • Become an I-Cura subscriber through debit order, and
  • Signup for debit order authorisation based on the price of the product selected.

Step 2. Recommend the product

Become a master distributor or a Network marketer of I-Cura Products. Tell others about the results you are experiencing from I-Cura products. Recommending the product that works for you comes naturally.

Find 10 friends to supply I-Cura products to and earn retail profit. Once they have used the product and experienced the effectiveness, they will most likely want to subscribe to the product through debit order (at a lesser price). By simply supplying family and friends with I-Cura products you could earn monthly income.